20Ft Container Side Loader Will be Export to Guyana

This container side loader order came from one of our customers in Guyana. Our relationship with this client dates back to 2015, when he found us through Alibaba. At the time, he was working as a purchasing manager for a company in Guyana that needed container side loaders.

At first, he was skeptical about the quality of our container side lifter because of their affordable price. However, when he received the trailer at the port of Guyana, he was surprised by the excellent protection measures that kept the container side loader in its original condition. The overall structure, the seamless welding, and the quality of the parts all exceeded his expectations. The first 20 container chassis trailers purchased have served them well for more than five years, requiring minimal maintenance and contributing to their profitability.

Having been successful in his own business and employing a team of drivers, he didn’t hesitate to ask us for help recently, ordering 2 20ft side loader trailers as his next step. He expressed his preference for our products, saying, “Our company leaders are very satisfied with the 20ft container chassis trailer purchased before, and would like to purchase two container side loaders again this time. I think your product is very reliable.”

20ft container side loader trailer

20Ft Container Side Loader for sale in Guyana

The 20-foot side mount forklift can be moved back and forth and can be used in standard 20′ containers.

20 Feet side mounted forklift adopts wireless remote control system, equipped with imported remote control, easy to operate, reliable micro-movement. The manual operation mode remains unchanged. Equipped with imported solenoid valve, accurate control.

20ft container side loader trailer

20Ft Container Side Loader for sale in Guyana

The 20-foot side mounted forklift truck is made of high strength imported steel plate welded, and the whole vehicle has been pressure tested.

Container side lifter makes container transportation fast, flexible and efficient, and truly realizes “containerized transportation”. In order to adapt to various road conditions, climatic conditions and military transport conditions, Panda Mech has developed different models and features, including 20ft, 40ft, 45ft, 37ton, 40ton, 45ton, which we can customize according to your needs.

20ft container side loader trailer

20Ft Container Side Loader for sale in Guyana

In short, container side loader provides a more efficient solution for container transportation, loading and unloading. Its affordable price, large storage space, easy handling, and length versatility make it an excellent choice for transporting all types of goods. If you find yourself in need of a reliable and cost-effective solution for your transportation needs, we encourage you to consider our container side loader.

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