2 Axle 20Ft Container Chassis Will be Export to Jamaica

In 2021, we entered into a partnership with a customer from Jamaica who purchased three 20ft container chassis trailers.The customer is very satisfied with the excellent quality and performance of our 20ft container chassis, and this time he wants to buy 3 units again, he contacted our sales manager Grave.

We take great pride in the popularity of our products among our customers and we are committed to upholding the highest standards of quality and service. We will ensure that 20ft container chassis trailers are delivered to Jamaica in a timely manner so that our customers can use them as soon as possible.

20ft container chassis trailer

2 Axle 20Ft Container Chassis for sale in Jamaica

The 20Ft container chassis is specially designed to meet the needs of long-distance container transportation on expressways. It can transport one 20ft container or two 10ft containers at the same time. The 20ft container chassis trailer has become the first choice for transportation companies and logistics companies. Designed to transport containers and minimize transportation costs.

In terms of transportation and handling efficiency, the 20Ft container chassis performs well. It is easy to assemble and disassemble, saving valuable time and reducing costs. In addition, these trailers are cost-effective and designed to maximize payload while minimizing self-weight. This means that more goods can be transported, which reduces operating costs.

20ft container chassis trailer

2 Axle 20Ft Container Chassis for sale in Jamaica

Safety was our top priority when designing a 20Ft container chassis. They are equipped with anti-lock braking systems, air suspension systems and other safety devices to ensure the safe transport of cargo. The 20Ft container chassis has become a popular choice for container transportation due to its many advantages.

At the same time, 40Ft container chassis is often used to transport containers, Panda Mech can be customized to meet specific transportation needs.

20ft container chassis trailer

2 Axle 20Ft Container Chassis for sale in Jamaica

We are pleased to once again provide our Jamaican customers with a reliable and efficient transportation solution, and we look forward to helping them save on transportation costs, improve transportation efficiency, serve them and meet their unique needs.” With our best-in-class 20Ft container chassis, we are committed to ensuring smooth and successful cargo transport for our valued customers.

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