3 Axle 40 ft Skeleton Semi Trailer Prepared for Philippine

“It’s really nice of your trailer pics and i’d like to know more about it.” In 30th, May, we received a message from Mr. Schumann on our social media to inquire about our 3 axle 40ft skeleton trailer. Mr. Schumann has set up a transportation fleet in 2017 in the Philippines, majoring in carrying containers in the port.

“I used to buy skeleton semi-trailers from Europe. The freight charge cost me a leg. What’s worse, the trailer quality is no better. So this time i want to try trailers from China, leaving aside the trailer quality, at least it’s cheap, and i can save a transportation expense!”


3 axles container chassis

However, this time we would surprise him with both the best price and quality. Before the trailer’s sale, first we confirmed the specification and load requirement, then recommended the 3 axle skeleton semi trailer in 40ft, which can totally help him complete the transportation work. But it’s too early to close the deal.

Due to the stereotype to “Made in China”, Mr. Schumann supposed the quality might not be good, then he required a cheap price. We shared with him 10 customer cases from Philippine, the deals are from 20 tons semi trailers to 150 tons gooseneck trailer. All of the truck trailers run well until now. Also, we showed him a case from South America, whose heavy-duty trailer had a part wear after 3 years. When they contacted us, we sent him a brand-new one without any hesitation, this is how we build up our after sales services.

About 2 weeks later, after cautious consideration and comparison between different companies, Mr. Schumann finally placed an order of the 3 axles skeleton semitrailer. We guarantee the trailers will be put into production within a week, and to deliver to Philippine within 45 days.

“Panda is really my best choice now, for the price and fast delivery time, hope your quality can surprise us and we will have a long-term cooperation,” said Mr. Schumann.


3 axle skeletal trailer

The 3 axles skeleton container trailer is quite a hot sale in the Philippines, most of which are imported from China. Generally speaking, this container semi trailer is mainly used for transporting ISO containers in port, shipyard, routes, bridges and tunnels, etc.

Specifications of 3 Axles 40ft Skeletal Semi Trailer

Main Beam“I” Section 500mm height Q345/T700 material
Twist-Lock4-12 set ISO Standard
SuspensionMechanical / Air / Bogie
Axle3 axles BPW/FUWA/PDME, double / single axle
Rim8/12/16 pieces 9.0-22.5 Steel/Aluminum
Tire8/12/16 pieces 12R22.5 Bridgestone/Triangle/Linglong, etc.
Brake ValveWABCO
Brake Chamber4/6/8 sets T30/30
Air Tank28L
Brake PipeNylon Wire Pipe
Landing Gear28T Lifting JOST/YAHUA
Kingpin2″(50mm)/3.5″(90mm) JOST Bolting Type
Lights12v/24v LED, Waterproof

Features and Features of Container Chassis Semi Trailer

Cheap, Cheap and Cheap: The 3 axle skeletal trailer belongs to a medium model, which weighed as 6000 kg. This requires less axles and simpler structure, then reduces the manufacture cost. More importantly, if the shipping container trailers is to Philippine, the traffic expense can be quite low and delivery day can be shorten to 40 days.

High-tensile Steel: Panda has applied Q345 or T700 steel to make sure the basic structure is stable. Also, the superior materials can bear more load within thinner steel plate, which greatly decrease the tare weight of the whole semi trailer, reducing the chance of spare part wearing, and then longering the service time.

Stable and Safe: Apart from the steel materials, the whole chassis body is welded by submerged arc. This technique greatly decrease the risk of fracture on the bed semi trailers, then to guarantee driving safety and stability.

As one of the main part on the semi truck trailer, the skeleton container chassis is also made of high-strength steel to share the cargo’s pressure and keep driving balance.

Equipped with 3 axles on the back, the center of gravity has been balanced to avoid turnover when sheering off. What’s more, the 2 rows of axles also ensure flexibility in a way to simplify the requirement of driving skills.

Higher Efficiency: Different from lowbed semi trailers, the skeletal container shipping trailer is designed to deal with complex road condition. With a higher chassis, it will run across uneven roads without worries of scratching. And the mechanical suspension system with equalizers gives enough force to damping, all these measures work together to support a long-distance transportation.


From production negotiation to the final delivery, we will be fully responsible.

The trailers you received would be 100% brand-new on both internal systems and external painting. In the process of transportation, all the parts will be protected well with rain cloth, wax and durable paintings.

Once the deal confirmed, our service team will be 7/24 online to solve your problems. The engineer is also here ready to help. No matter online technical support, fleet training, maintenance guidance or warranty, please feel free to contact us.

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