2 Axle 20Ft Chassis Tipper Trailer Shipping to Africa

The customer wanted to choose a semi-trailer supplier in China. After a rigorous evaluation, the customer affirmed the production capacity and product quality of Panda. The client then decided to start working with PANDA.


The customer needs a 20-foot rear flip frame semi-trailer, which is used to transport a 20-foot container and can dump the bulk cargo shipped in the container. PANDA has improved the design of this trailer. The improved semi-trailer is not only strong and durable, but also the production cost has been reduced, thus saving the customer’s budget.

After a period of one month, the finished product was manufactured. During the production process, Panda updated the production schedule for the customer at any time. After the production was completed, the customer affirmed our products through inspection. Panda arranged the delivery.


If you are also interested in this trailer, please feel free to contact us, PANDA will combine your actual needs and our production experience to provide you with the best quality products and the most considerate service.

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